Buy & Sell

How to create and submit DEX orders via SNEPE.tools.
New DEX orders can be created via the Buy and Sell buttons on the Trade interface.
Upon selecting an order type, you will be prompted to complete the following form:
Token Ticker / Asset ID (Required): The ticker (ie. SNEK) or Cardano asset ID (ie. 279c909f348e533da5808898f87f9a14bb2c3dfbbacccd631d927a3f534e454b)of the asset you wish to trade. Required.
Amount (Asset): The amount of the asset you wish to purchase. Required if Amount (ADA) is empty.
Amount (ADA): The ADA value of the asset amount you wish to purchase. Required if Amount (Amount) is empty.
DEX: The exchange you wish to transact upon. Required.
Slippage: The allowed slippage percentage for this order. Optional, overrides your default setting.
Upon submitting this form, the order summary will be displayed:
Upon confirmation, the order will be submitted to the DEX for processing and a message displayed:
Success, you've just submitted an order via SNEPE.tools! Orders are submitted immediately, but may take several minutes to be processed by the exchange. Once completed, the exchanged assets should be visible in your trade wallet balance.