Verify Results

How to verify your provably-fair spin results.
$SNEPE slots uses provably-fair, deterministic randomisation. These industry-standard mechanics are the foundation of most modern online games of chance.
You may want to familiarise yourself with the theory behind provably-fair systems before reading on.
You can reveal your server seed, hashed server seed (md5) and user seed via the Verify Results button on the Slots interface.
A new server seed will be generated whenever you expose your current seed via Verify Results.
Your seed details are displayed, along with a portion of your spin history:
You can use these seed details, in conjunction with the Check Result button on the Slots interface, to check the deterministic result of any seed/spin ID combination.
You will be prompted to complete the following form:
Server Seed: The unhashed server seed, as revealed by Verify Results. Required.
User Seed: Your user seed, as revealed by Verify Results and displayed on the result of any slots spin. Required.
Spin ID: The numerical ID of the spin you wish to reveal. Required.
The deterministic result for that combination will be shown:
By comparing these results to the results you observed during gameplay, you can confirm that the randomisation is consistently deterministic, and obeys provably-fair mechanics.
Last modified 2mo ago