Limit Depth

Visualise active limit order depth.
Real-time active limit order depth can be displayed for an asset via the Limits button on the Tools interface.
Note: Limit depth analysis is currently only supported for Minswap. Further DEX support is in the pipeline.
You will be prompted to complete this form:
Order Type: The type of order to search for. Must be BUY or SELL. Required.
Ticker: The asset ticker to search (ie. SNEK). Required.
Range (Min): Lower bound for the order price. Optional.
Range (Max): Upper bound for the order price. Optional.
Generate CSV File: If set to TRUE, a .csv export of the limit order details will be provided. Optional.
Upon submitting the form, limit order data will be gathered and visualised:
To obtain more granular data, try experimenting with the Range fields to create a more specific price range to search.