Create Alerts

How to create new custom alerts to track your favourite Cardano native assets.
The administrator in your Discord server must have already completed the alerts setup process before you can create custom alerts.
You can create a new asset alert via the following Discord command:
You're required to provide several parameters to the command:
alert-type: The type of alert to create (either Price or Pump&Dip). Price alerts are triggered once when the asset meets the target price. Pump&Dip alerts are triggered whenever the asset price rises or falls the specific percentage within 1 minute. Required.
token: The ticker (ie. SNEK), or Cardano asset ID (ie. 279c909f348e533da5808898f87f9a14bb2c3dfbbacccd631d927a3f534e454b) of the asset you wish to track. Required.
amount: The trigger amount. For Price alerts, this is the asset price. For Pump&Dip alerts, this is a percentage. Required.
dex: The exchange upon which to track the asset. Required.
Upon submitting the command, a success message will be displayed confirming the creation of your alert:
Your custom alerts will feed into a private channel within the server in which you created them. A new channel is created the first time you create an alert in a server. You may configure different alerts within different servers if you wish.