What the hell is a "SNEPE" anyway?
SNEPE.tools is a suite of Discord-integrated utilities which streamline your Cardano native asset trading workflow.
This toolkit can be installed into any Discord server, and provides users access to fully integrated trading across most major decentralised exchanges (DEXes) alongside real-time asset analysis utilities, all accessed directly through the Discord interface.
Whether you're a server admin looking to offer greater utility to your members, or you're a server user wanting to turbocharge your Cardano trading experience, SNEPE.tools has something to offer.
This project was born from the foundations of the $SNEPE memecoin project, and now positions itself as the #1 Cardano Discord DeFi trading bot.
Further information on $SNEPE, and our own Discord community (The Super Secret SNEPE Society), can be found on our website.
Last modified 2mo ago